How to Deal with Negative links from Google Search

Being a business owner you may feel bad when you observe your business has a bad search results associated with it. You do hard work to ensure your customers are satisfied with your products and service. Even you do more hard work to make your business successful. Unfortunately, they’re common in business transaction and interactions. We’re in the age of information, and people are eager to share their opinions online. Sometimes, these opinions are not positive and sometimes negative.

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Hence it is necessary to remove negative links from Google search to increase the reputation of your website and your business. Luckily, there are a handful of methods and techniques, used primarily by companies in the online reputation management industry, to disperse negative content. Equivalent to search engine optimization (SEO), which uses strategies to enhance visibility of your business, Reverse SEO uses a variety of techniques to make a particular site less noticeable. This is the foundation of how ORM (online reputation management) professionals moderate the effect of negative content about your brand. Basically, there are two methods for executing this: removal and suppression.

Complete Removal of Negative Content

On finding a defamatory comments, or other negative content appearing at the high rank on Google search results when you insert name for search, your first urge might be to try and have it vanished. Remove negative links from Google search forever, separate it with your name, and it ensures buyers never observe it again. Links to negative content will be content you control, or content that someone else controls.

Removing Web Pages You Own

In case, if you found that your Facebook or Yelp page may return negative results then this is because of bad review or a negative comment. You can try updating your business profile information to be more positive and interesting. Alternatively, you can respond to comments in a professional and helpful way. If the situation is dire, you can even remove your profile altogether and create a new one.


Remove Content from Web Pages You Don’t Control

More often than not, a negative search result will happen on a page you don’t own. A blogger might publish a post about a bad experience with your company, or somebody may post negative personal information about you on a website. Because you don’t own the site, you need help removing negative online content. It’s not easy, but in many cases, it can be done. There are several ways to do this:


  1. Contact the website owner and ask them directly.
  2. Contact Google to remove sites that violate their policies
  3. Finally, there are cases where negative content may be unlawful, in which case you can take legal action.

Use Reverse SEO to Suppress the Negative Links

Your other choice for reducing the reputation damage of negative content is with search engine suppression, also referred to as Reverse SEO. Rather than attempting to remove content, you can simply make more effort to suppress the negative content in the search results. In most cases, Reverse SEO is not only effective at removing negative content from the first few pages of search results, but it also works to strengthen your online branding and/or promote your business in a positive light.

There are plenty of ways to suppressing the bad links, all of which are very manageable and very effective:

  • Setting up new social media profiles and be active on all of them.
  • Starting a company blog and posting incredible content routinely.
  • Keep publishing other types of media, like podcasts, images, and videos.
  • Refresh content you already have on the web, like pages on your company site.
  • Leaving comments on other influential websites within your industry.
  • Become a thought leader by publishing expert advice in professional forums.
  • Create quality content and link your content from a variety of authoritative websites.

Various internet privacy and reputation management companies now offer services to help people and businesses get things expelled from the internet., for instance, is a top-rated ORM service provider that offers service to remove negative link.

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